Water Solutions is now meeting the needs of its customer by selling Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach), Sodium Fluoride and Hydrofluorosilicic Acid. The Sodium Fluoride is provided in 50 lb bags and be delivered in quantities as low as one bag, and as large a customer needs. Sodium Hypochlorite (Manufactured by a Filtered Process) and Hydrofluorosilicic Acid are staples in many communities and can be difficult to handle. Water Solutions can help a facility eliminate the need for dangerous drums, pumps that don't readily re prime, and simplify the plant process by implementing a mini- bulk program. Water Solutions will analyze, measure, and work with the facility for the best way to place the bulk tank, day tank, scale, and containment. Water Solutions will then work with the facility on a regular route to keep the chemicals fresh and pure.

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By using Water Solutions Bleach and Fluoride, you also gain access to the free consultations offered by its salesman to help resolve issues with poor chlorine residuals, high chlorine applied feed rates, and fluoride regulations and issues.