High Cost of Chemicals

Water Solutions has a reputation for finding new "solutions" to problems that end up doing a better job for less money.

For example: A system that has natural ammonia and organics that ends of requiring high amounts of applied chlorine in order to go to breakpoint and free chlorine. Putting the system on chloramination by adding small additional amounts of ammonia and then showing the operator how to control a chloramine residual in the distribution system. This helps residuals and saves money for the client.

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Another example: On the Ohio River Water Solutions replaced caustic that was fed to elevate the pH and prevent corrosion. The caustic ended up plugging a butterfly valve which required shutting down the system and replacing a 12-inch valve. Water Solutions replaced the caustic with a corrosion inhibitor and ended up reducing corrosion and saving money.

Another Example: An algacide/Bactericide was fed to control iron bacteria and slime that developed in aerators. By removing and controling the bacteria we kept the aerator clean, filter media and softener media clean as well. This prevented downtime and replacement costs for media.