Discolored Water

The first step is to determine the source of the discolored water. There are two sources of discolored water in ground water systems- corrosion of steel pipes, and raw water soluble iron and manganese coming out of the aquifer.

Corrosion of steel pipes- Water Solutions has several phosphate blends that provide anodic and cathodic films that minimize the loss of steel from internal piping. Water Solutions uses corrosion coupons that provide data to track performance of the inhibitor. We also take pictures of the coupons prior to cleaning to show visually our progress.

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Iron and manganese sequestering- Over 26 years ago, Water Solutions introduced to the Midwest the use of particular types of polyphosphate that is designed for iron and manganese. We are able to sequester higher levels of metal for longer periods of time in the system.

Calcium Sequestering- Water Solutions has separate blends that can affect the precipitation of calcium in the distribution system.