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Case Study - Surface Water

  • Disinfection By-Products - The DBP Rule has caused serious problems for many surface water plants. A municipality had high DBPs and higher levels of algae and other organics coming into the raw water intakes. Water Solutions reduced DBPs by 86% within two years through implementation of testing in the distribution system and the Plant Tap, then switching from free chlorine to chloramines. Water Solutions used Mainstream635 to control the algae.

    Municipal Water Treatment Plant

Lower your TTHMs and HAA5s

Mainstream 365 can lower your TTHMs and HAA5s

WSU can help with lowering your TTHMs and HAA5s. There is a variety of applications for the product that help reduce organics, algae, and bio-film. Now is the time to help set up a plan to keep growth like this on your clarifiers.

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